Skeleton Key Bindery

Artisan Journals for the Strange and Unusual

Our Story So Far

In a world where practically everything is assembly line, machine-manufactured, it's easy to miss the things that are made with human hands. At Skeleton Key Bindery, all my journals and notebooks are handcrafted, with an eye to detail, meticulous attention to colors and tones, and with the care as if they were being created for my friends and family.  Each is a unique creation in itself, with an eerie but fun twist. I like to believe that the hand sewn pages will be filled with the greatest of gifts, that of a person's thoughts and dreams, aspirations, plans for success or just idle ruminations. 

My journals and notebooks showcase designs created by independent artists, supporting their craft as you're supporting mine when you purchase one of my handcrafted books.

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Subtle and strange are the tides of Fate that carry us to shores unknown.